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Rapid Prototyping is becoming a fundamental phase of today’s Product Development Process. It provides Marketing Managers, Production Managers, Purchasing Agents, etc. with a hands on example of the product. The early intervention of these key people can save months of work, and speed the completion of the project.

We can fabricate prototypes using several different forms of rapid prototyping. Our vendors range from stereolithography and 3D printing for plastic components to CNC (Computer Numerical Control) and rapid sheet metal prototyping. With a large list of certified vendors, we can fabricate prototypes for any project at a reasonable price.

3d printing rapid prototyping

We can also 3D print and test a design in-house.  We use prototypes to test for product design compliance, and many of our customers use them for marketing. A realistic prototype can be used to sell your idea to perspective distributors and investors.

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To learn more about the process of developing your product and prototyping methods, watch our video below.

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Rapid Prototyping


3D Printing

Maybe you’re interested in our ability to 3D Print and test your design? Or you feel you’re ready to prototype your idea but CNC and sheet metal are not right for your product. We can see if your design is ready for 3D printing, or create the models you need.

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