and Pilot Run

The production pilot run is the culmination of all our work. It assures production tooling and purchased parts performs to specifications. It assures the parts and assemblies meet our specifications, and it confirms we are ready for production.

Production Inspection, Pilot Run and First Article Inspection

First Article Inspection

The most important aspect of this step is the First Article Inspection. Each part and assembly is inspected to assure they meet design specifications. This also assures your parts and assemblies will fit and function as intended throughout the life of the product.

First Article Inspections are performed on every part and assembly in your product. Product functionality and performance is also tested to assure the final production product performs and meets design specifications.

Why is the First Article Inspection (FAI) important?
  It verifies the accuracy of parts and components produced by vendors. If parts and components don’t match the mechanical drawing specifications they are returned to the vendor. The problems with the components are explained to the vendor, and a request for new components that comply with the mechanical drawing is submitted.
  It is used to approve or reject production tooling. If parts and components produced by tooling do not match the mechanical drawing specifications tooling may need to be modified. The FAI helps guide tolling modifications.
  It establishes a benchmark for future production improvements and modifications. The FAI is the founding measurement of your product. When changes are made during the life of your product, they are compared to the FAI documentation. This provides decision makers with the tools they need to make good decisions.

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