Mechanical Drawings

  The cornerstone for controlling production and prototyping of your product are the Mechanical Drawings.  


1. Product Design Information

2. Develop Solid Model

3. Product Review

4. Prototyping and Testing

5. Mechanical Drawings

6. Production Tooling

7. Production Pilot Run


Mechanical Drawings

Product Design Information

Like the Solid Model, a Mechanical Drawing is the cornerstone for controlling production and prototyping.  They are legally binding documents that assure you get what you pay for.

Mechanical Drawings define the specifications of each component in your product, as well as sub-assemblies and assemblies.  They control the size of each part feature, and they control how parts fit together.  When parts don’t fit together or they don’t function incorrectly, there may be a problem with the parts or assemblies.  Mechanical Drawings are use to confirm the parts meet their specifications.

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