Production Tooling

The next step in the product development process is to quote and fabricate Production Tooling. Mechanical Drawings of the components and assemblies are sent to multiple vendors to promote competition and reduce tooling costs.

Once we receive all the quotes for your project, we compile a tooling quote report and forward the information to you. You give us your approval to proceed, and then we start the tooling fabrication process.
With every production tool, First Article Inspections are performed to assure that the tooling makes high quality parts that meet the specifications in the Mechanical Drawings.
Production Tooling
For the security of your product information, we provide a Non-Disclosure Agreement Form that allows you to easily generate a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). An NDA is simply an agreement that restricts our use of your information. While we have no interest in profiting from your product information, an NDA is a written agreement that states that we will not disclose your information to anyone you do not want the information disclosed to. It also states that we will not profit from your information in any way.
Click here to generate an NDA. You'll need to sign it and send it back to us. The last paragraph on the NDA explains how.