Product Design Information

The first step in the product development process is to gather any product design information about your product. You can send us anything you feel will help us understand what you want us to design. This allows us to develop a clear concept of of your product.


1. Product Design Information

2. Develop Solid Model

3. Product Review

4. Prototyping and Testing

5. Mechanical Drawings

6. Production Tooling

7. Production Pilot Run



Product Design Information


Product Design

Every detail helps to reduce development costs. Any product design information we know about your product means a clearer path to designing a solid model, in turn we’ll spend less research time on your project. This reduces the number of work hours charged to your project.

Here are some guidelines for submitting product information.

  Give your product a name. The name of your product can be a temporary name. It just helps to call it something so that we can talk about it during the development process.
  Write a description of what the product is and how you want it to perform. Include all the characteristics of your product that you feel makes it a good product. Write a short description explaining how your product is useful to the end user.
  List competitive products if any. There may be products on the market that are similar to your product. It’s helpful to list these products and point out their shortcomings. You may also want to make short comments about how your product is better than the competitors’ products.
  Sketches, Drawings, Prototypes, and Mock Ups. Anything you can provide that shows the general physical characteristics of your product helps considerably. Hand drawn sketches are fine. They don’t have to be drawn perfectly.


For the security of your product information, we provide a Non-Disclosure Agreement Form that allows you to easily generate a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). An NDA is simply an agreement that restricts our use of your information. While we have no interest in profiting from your product information, an NDA is a written agreement that states that we will not disclose your information to anyone you do not want the information disclosed to. It also states that we will not profit from your information in any way.
Click here to generate an NDA. Once you’ve generated and signed the NDA, fax it to 559-539-3036. You can also submit your own NDA. Our Engineering Manager will sign and fax the NDA back to you within 2 business days.

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