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A solid model is much more than a 3D digital image on a computer, even though it is simply a file on a computer.

When we develop solid models for you we apply years of expertise in Plastic Design, Mechanical Engineering, and Industrial Design. This can ultimately save you a great deal of money by testing the feasibility of your product on a computer instead of making physical prototypes.

Ultimately physical prototypes will be fabricated, but solid models on a computer can be used to test fit and function of all the parts. They can be used to perform stress analysis studies and other simulations to confirm the design is sound before spending money on physical prototypes.

Develop Solid Model

Applying Our Expertise

When a solid model is created it becomes the cornerstone for your project. It has many uses during the product development process, but the most important use is product feasibility.

While the solid model is constructed and developed it is challenged by the product’s feasibility. That is, we consider all aspects of the product while we construct the solid model.

So we look at how all the parts and assemblies in your product function. We explore the ease of use by the end user. We even take marketing and perception of the product into consideration while we develop solid models.

Other considerations are also applied while solid models are being developed. So this can be an iterative process. For example, we may discover the product won’t function based on the intended design. If this happens we will explain the problem to you and give you options for solving the problem.

This step can save a significant amount of money for several reasons. As mentioned above, a solid model is the cornerstone for the rest of the development process, but it also establishes feasibility of the product. If the product is deemed not feasible, you don’t have to spend more money on an infeasible product.

Many product development companies will take the development process all the way to the prototyping and testing stage before you learn you’ve been spending money on an infeasible product. So studying the feasibility of a product early in the development process is important.

Once the product is deemed feasible and the Solid Model is complete it is the cornerstone for the rest of the project.

It can be used to:

  Create Virtual Prototypes for your review on your computer.
  Perform stress analysis, fit and function, and performance testing.
  Produce prototypes.
  Program tooling paths for prototyping and production tooling.

  Generate patent graphics.

  Construct mechanical drawings.


Mechanical drawings can be used to:

  Fabricate Prototypes.
  Fabricate Production Parts.
  Request Tooling Quotes.
  Request Manufacturing and Assembly Quotes.
  Provide Quality Assurance for all phases of production.

3. Product Review

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