Develop Solid Models

A Solid Model is much more than a 3D digital image on a computer. When we develop solid models  for you we are applying years of expertise in applying Plastic Design, Mechanical Engineering, and Industrial Design. This is what it takes to create a product consumers will want to buy.


1. Product Design Information

2. Develop Solid Model

3. Product Review

4. Prototyping and Testing

5. Mechanical Drawings

6. Production Tooling

7. Production Pilot Run


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Develop Solid Model

Solid Model Construction

The Solid Model of your product becomes the cornerstone for the rest of the project. 

It can be used to:

  Create Virtual Prototypes for your review on your computer.
  Perform stress analysis, fit and function, and performance testing.
  Produce prototypes using Stereolithography and 3D Printing.
  Program tooling paths for prototyping and production tooling.

  Generate patent graphics.

  Construct mechanical drawings of components and assemblies.


Mechanical drawings can be used to:

  Fabricate Prototypes.
  Fabricate Production Parts.
  Get Tooling Quotes.
  Get Manufacturing and Assembly Quotes.
  Provide Quality Assurance for all phases of production.

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