and Testing

The next step in our process is rapid prototyping and testing. We can use a number of methods to fabricate accurate and functional parts. This is where we will test your prototypes to assure the design of your product meets or exceeds your design requirements.

Rapid Prototyping and Testing

Rapid Prototyping

We use state of the art in house prototyping as well as vendors to quickly and accurately fabricate prototypes of your product. Prototypes can be fabricated within a number of days or even hours. So it’s a relatively fast process.

Once the prototype is ready we can test it for compliance to your design requirements. We can perform HALT ( Highly Accelerated Life Testing) as well as functional design testing in house or by external test facilities.

We have a large list of certified vendors. So you can rest assured we can accurately fabricate and test prototypes of your product.

Prototype quotes are requested from several vendors to promote competition and reduce prototyping costs.

5. Mechanical Drawings

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