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Cost effective product development is our mission. We provide cost effective product development engineering designed to meet your needs. We also strive to design the best quality products at the lowest cost. When we succeed when you succeed.

Whether you’re an individual with a new invention or a company representative you’ve tapped into the most cost effective way to develop your product and take it to production.

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We use the latest state of the art technology to develop products and enhance communication with our customers, and communication is critical when it comes to developing products. When we develop your product we will give you the resources to view your product on your computer during the development process. You will be able to rotate the view, and zoom in and out so that you can see how the development of your product is proceeding. This also gives you the ability to make suggestions or comments about the work we’re doing for you.

Product Development is handled through the Internet, so you can be anywhere in the United States and still be able to keep close tabs on the progress of your project. Any information that’s broadcast over the Internet is password protected, so you can rest assured that no one else can see your product information.

The Product Development Process is broken down into four basic steps. First you provide our Engineering Manager with information about your product. A solid model of your product is generated, a virtual prototype is constructed, and then your product is prototyped and tested.

We test prototypes for compliance to cosmetic and performance specifications, and once the prototype passes testing your product is ready for tooling and manufacturing quotes.

The first step is to contact our Engineering Manager. David Melvin is a licensed Professional Mechanical Engineer, licensed by the state of California. He has over 22 years of experience developing new products, and he’s published 17 training courses on 3D computer aided design that are used by hundreds of companies and universities. Some of the well-known companies and universities that use David’s training courses are Boeing, Johnson & Johnson, Firestone, and Oklahoma State University to name a few. David will be happy to talk with you about your product, explain the process in detail, and give you a cost estimate.

Cost Effective Product Development


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