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Product Design and Development
1. Product Design Information
2. Develop Solid Model
3. Product Review
4. Prototyping and Testing
5. Mechanical Drawings
6. Production Tooling
7. Production Pilot Run
New product design and development can take many forms depending on your project.  We use a customer driven process that's proven to be very effective, and we can adjust the basic procedure to meet your needs.

The design of your product will meet your requirements, while minimizing manufacturing costs.  Our goal is to save you time and money while taking your project through every phase of the process.

We design and develop products using the following customer driven process.

  • Product Design Information.
    Product design information is supplied by you, as well as performance requirements.  In this phase you simply describe what you want and how you want it to perform.
  • Develop Solid Model.
    Development of the solid model is the process of creating a 3D computer based image.  Engineering, manufacturing, and industrial design considerations are also applied.
  • Product Review.
    You use Autodesk's DWF Viewer to examine the solid model.  Upon your approval, the project moves to the prototyping and testing phase.  To learn how to use the viewer, click here.
  • Prototyping and Testing.
    Prototyping and testing is performed based on design requirements and performance requirements.
  • Mechanical Drawing Construction.
    Mechanical drawings of each component and assembly are created.  The drawings are used for production tooling quotes, and manufacturing specifications.
  • Production Tooling.
    Quote requests are sent to multiple vendors to promote competition and help minimize cost.
  • Production Pilot Run.
    The first parts and assemblies are inspected and approved for compliance to drawing specifications.

To learn more about our services, click here.

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