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Mechanical Engineering Design and Development Services for Entrepreneurs and Companies of any size.

We specialize in Plastic Product Development, Industrial Design, Manufacturing Engineering, and OEM Consulting.  Whether you need to enhance an existing product, reduce manufacturing costs of your products, or develop a new product, we can meet your needs.

The sole purpose of producing a product is to make a profit.  The product has to appeal to the end user (your customers), and it has to be cost effectively manufactured.  These key features are the focal point of our contribution to your success.

While the blending of our services and expertise is used to meet theses goals, they can be broken down into four basic categories.

  • Plastic Product Development.
    Plastic design takes years of experience to master because it requires a complex matrix of skills.  Functional design as well as manufacturability play a key role.  Not only does the product have to perform, you have to be able to manufacture it.
    Mold design, assembly procedures, and manufacturing processes must be considered in the design of plastic parts.  Our plastic product development methods considers all of these characteristics to assure that your product can be manufactured and at the lowest cost.
  • Industrial Design.
    Industrial Design deals with cosmetics.  The appearance of your product is critical when it comes to catching the eye of your customers.

    Every product we develop is critiqued and approved by our Industrial Design department to assure that your product has the highest artistic value and marketability.
  • Manufacturing Engineering.
    If you're a manufacturer who needs to develop a new product, we can help.  We can work seamlessly with your existing manufacturing structure.  Documentation can be tailored to your specifications, and design can be governed by your capabilities.  It's as though we are an extension of your Engineering Department.
  • OEM Consulting.
    Manufactures need help from time to time to solve difficult problems.  We've helped countless manufactures solve mechanical engineering questions related to plastic design, fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer, mechanical design, documentation, product testing, and much more.  We'll be happy to help you solve your problem.

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